We do things a little differently at ALTFELD INC.

  • As professional management consultants, we do not purport to know your business better than you do. As a matter of fact, our stated purpose is to provide you with the means to discern your own realities, achieve actual disclosure, and discover genuine solutions. Altfeld, Inc. does this with thought provoking and challenging questions, combined with imagination, ingenuity, and teamwork. We firmly believe that none of us is as smart as all of us working together.

  • A client and consultant relationship is a trade-off and you should not be billed every time we talk or correspond. For example, we don't expect you to charge us for the knowledge you impart to us about your business and industry. In turn, you should not be charged for our learning about what it is that you do and how you do it. If we are to have frank and open dialogue, it is imperative that we do so without the worry or distraction of a meter running.

  • We won't walk in, flash our credentials, tell you about your business, and promise you the moon. Nor will we present you with a laundry list of everything you are doing wrong, ask for a check, and walk out the door..."thank you very much." What we do is help you work on your business while you work in your business. We accomplish that by remaining honest, unbiased, and completely objective.

Once we do begin working together, we really do work together. For one, we're great listeners. For another, we are not arms length consultants. We roll up our sleeves, jump in with both feet planted firmly on the ground, and take a hands-on, active role.

Transferring the Risk

As professionals, it is up to us to perform the work you hired us to do. Should you try something we feel strongly about, and it fails or does not live up to predetermined expectations as a result of something we did or did not do, don't pay us. Should Altfeld, Inc. ever cost you money or directly cause you to lose money, don't pay us.

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