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Built to Last or Built to Die?

July 7th, 2009 · No Comments · Uncategorized

Some Poignant Words From the Late Peter Drucker

“An organization that is not capable of perpetuating itself has failed. An organization, therefore has to provide today the men who can run it tomorrow. It has to renew its human capital. It should steadily upgrade its human resources. The next generation should take for granted that what the hard work and dedication of this generation has accomplished. They should then, standing on the shoulders of their predecessors, establish a new ‘high’ as the baseline for the generation after them.

An organization which just perpetuates today’s level of vision, excellence, and accomplishment has lost the capacity to adapt. And since the one and only thing certain in human affairs is change, it will not be capable of survival in a changed tomorrow. An executive’s focus on contribution by itself is a powerful force in developing people. People adjust to the level of the demands made on them. The executive who sets his sights on contribution, raises the sights and standards of everyone with whom he works.”

Running a business with a tactician’s mentality will be the demise of that business. Yet, how many SMB’s out there are dying a slow and painful death as a result of being lead by leaders who fail to acknowledge, much less deal with the fact that impermanence, uncertainty and death are three irrefutable facts of life. Or, as Drucker also said, “Every company must prepare for the abandonment of everything it does.” Leaders, especially owners, have far more control than a rock in an avalanche as to where their companies end up and it is up to them to keep the company in optimal condition at all times.

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