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I’ll See You on the Dark Side of the Moon

January 22nd, 2013 · No Comments · Uncategorized

People lose it and go off on other people whenever they feel they have been disrespected. It’s been found to be the thing that literally sets us off. By going off, I send a strong signal to everyone in the area, to not even think about disrespecting me or doing me wrong, or else. It is a mechanism that is built-into our human nature as part of natural selection. It is a protecting device with which all animals, and that includes humans, have been pre-wired. We go off in order to prevent others from mistreating or disrespecting us.

The problem is when we don’t just lose it, but we really LOSE IT! When we lose touch with the situation and what is really going on. When we literally go into an altered state of consciousness, zone out and truly go out of control.

This is when we become so egocentric in our thought process that we don’t just overreact to a situation, but we go to an extreme.

So, What’s New About This?

In a word, Plenty! And the word is entitlement. Society encourages me to be angry. Society has entitled me to act strongly to anything I don’t like. Don’t believe me, then what was OWS all about? We have become a society where appropriate behavior is no longer in check. America is angry, and as someone wrote, not too long ago, America has become Angrified! Or, as actress Sandra Bullock said in the movie Crash, “I wake up angry every day!”

Being angry is to be so indignant that I become myopically fixated and focused on what I want and how I want others to behave toward me to the point of literally going off and losing it. Let’s face it. We not only have a diabetes epidemic going on in America, we have an Anger epidemic as well.

Ask yourself, how often, just this past week, did you find yourself faced with an undesired event where you felt wronged or disrespected by someone? Someone cut you off. Someone would not let you move into another lane. Someone cooked your hamburger wrong or gave you the wrong meal. Someone lost your reservation. And the list goes on. How did you react? Did you over- react? As a society, aren’t we telling everyone that it’s ok to lash out because we are entitled to lash out? And then, we don’t just yell or get angry, we actually begin to condemn the person we feel did not do right by us. Which only escalates an already bad situation. But it’s Ok to let it out, isn’t it?

Every emotion we have has an action attached to it. With anger, the action is to lash out. Why? Because each of us, whenever in a fit of rage, are bound and determined that other people (those who wronged us) are going to behave the way we want them to, damn it!!

The problem is not guns. The problem is anger. There’s a Lunatic Inside Me. And the real problem is our society’s encouragement and entitlement attitude toward being angry. Oh, it’s Ok to go off on someone. You’ll feel better for it. Only keep in mind that a fight doesn’t really start until someone hits someone back.

It ain’t the guns, it’s our society folks.


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